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The ULTRA Blue (Bestselling and Most Widely Used)

The HALO ULTRA BLUE System features a new, state-of-the-art high power violet light device that no longer requires being shut off for diode cooling. This represents a quantum leap forward in HALO light technology and provides the ease and convenience for which HALO Systems have become famous. We are pleased to announce this unique portable System as the next leap forward in the HALO legacy!


The MAX Professional (For Health Care Professional Use)

Our strongest and most powerful unit available!  This is a corded, electrical unit that plugs into  a regular home or office outlet. It has 36 VIOLET LED Light Outputs (6 behind each of the 6 tubes it holds) and Generates 120 Watts of power.  It can energize large areas of the body at once – not just local coverage. This allows for much faster therapy sessions.

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