Vastly increased photon output capacity.max-6

The MAX Professional (For Health Care Professional Use)

Our strongest and most powerful unit available! This is a corded, electrical unit that plugs into  a regular home or office outlet. It has 36 VIOLET LED Light Outputs (6 behind each of the 6 tubes it holds) and generates 120 Watts of power. It can energize large areas of the body at once – not just local coverage. This allows for much faster therapy sessions.

What you Get with Your Unit:

  • 18 Botanical Filled Tubes
  • Each tube is 12.5 Times The Size of The Blue Unit’s vials
  • 3 Free Replacement Vials the First Year
  • No Batteries Required – Plugs Into Wall

The HALO System has opened universes of possibilities over the past several years.  LED technology has eclipsed lasers in virtually every category of use and effectiveness.  I personally tested lasers and LED devices side-by-side for more than one year before making the decision to convert to LED’s.  The decision has proven itself time after time.

I have been working on the HALO MAX project for more than 3 years now and LED technology has advanced to the point where HALO MAX is now a reality.  Vastly increased photon output capacities through state-of-the-art botanical blends have come together to create a literal dream machine with incredible speed, efficiency and effectivity.

I am humbled, honored and pleased to introduce you to my latest technological masterpiece – HALO MAX.


HALO Max Operating Instructions

  1. Connect the HALO MAX to a 110V power outlet.  Insert Six Botanical Tubes of your choice. Then press the Red ON/OFF button.  The HALO MAX will light up at a 3% output power level.
  2. Press the Seconds Timer button until you reach the desired time. Press the SET button.  HALO MAX will radiate at 100% output power.
  3. HALO MAX will countdown to zero and return back to 3% output power level.
  4. If you press the Set button again HALO MAX will resume 100% output power at the last entered time countdown.  At Zero on the timer HALO MAX will return to a standby power output level of 3%.
  5. At any time, pressing the ON/OFF button turns the HALO MAX OFF.


HALO Max Demo